My name is Heather.  I am the mother of two kids.  I live in New York City.  I wrote a book called Eat Your Feelings.  I started this blog because my husband and friends on Facebook got sick of hearing me rant about the many many things I think are going horribly wrong in our country.  So I can rant about it here.  And some other stuff, too.  I’m not really an angry person.  Not at all.  Seriously.

I was born at West Point.  My father was in the military.  He received a Congressional Medal of Honor in Vietnam.  My mother is an artist.  As a child we moved overseas, first to Tehran, Iran and then to Paris, France, and then back home to Katonah, New York.  I went to Colby College, but only because I didn’t get into Brown.

I have lived in New York City ever since college, but now my kids want to move to the country, which totally worries me because I get spooked easily.  Any style of country living would have to include several Rottweilers and a serious alarm system.

My husband is an actor.  Mostly we hang out with our kids, then put them to bed and have cocktails while we watch television.  La dolce vita!


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